Hate Island stars clueless about Brexit

Car crash reality stars think there’s a Brexit money tree

Stars of the UK’s car crash Brexit reality sensation Hate Island have been ridiculed for knowing next to nothing about Brexit.

The show, which features 12 self-obsessed idiots posturing about the Will of the People and hoping to become ‘Tory leader’ of Hate Island, has become a compulsive guilty pleasure for the British public.

In the latest episode, Dim David, who is constantly bragging about having shot his own men on weekend SAS training, threatens to flounce off Hate Island entirely as his views on Brexit “are not being given enough respect.”

Horrified but fascinated UK viewers are helplessly addicted to the show,  even though they know indulging so much utter nonsense will ultimately cost them their jobs.

“Some of the stupidest ones, like “I’m so” Priti and Nasty Nigel have already been voted off” said Hate Island fan Theresa from Maidenhead.

“But unfortunately the ones everyone loves to hate are clinging on, like Boris “winning Hate Island is harder than going to Oxford”, and “Dr” No One Likes Liam. They could wreck the fun for everyone.”