David Davis now totally confused

Time-limited backstop Parliamentary veto on me is OK, I think

Britain’s Brexit chief David Davis is now totally confused, he admitted to the Wallow‘s man in Westminster over cans yesterday.

After a day of Parliamentary drama, rebel Tory MPs secured concessions to kill off any prospect of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, in ways  which the Secretary of State for Brexit doesn’t yet fully understand.

“Let’s work this out together”, he said, smoothing a crumpled envelop over his knee in the exclusive Embankment park bench which he uses for thinking time.

“No Parliament is the boss of me – that’s number one. Number two: me – lager, Finchy – lager, Gareth – lager. No Parliament can tie my hands on that.”  Number three was obscured by the opening of a Stella too quickly, with the spurting lager messing up the Brexit supremo’s carefully sketched draft of an amendment to outwit “smartarse Mr Punch Grieve”.