Brexiters want Oliver Cromwell to replace May as PM

Lord Protector would ‘end any cheek from Parliament or the Irish’

Brexiters will next week trigger a challenge to Theresa May’s position as Prime Minister – and want to replace her with the late Oliver Cromwell, former Lord Protector of England (1599-1658).

The shock move comes as Mrs May works towards a soft Brexit with the EU,  and after MPs effectively ruled out a no deal Brexit this week.

The Europe Research Group (ERG) of hardline Brexit MPs, led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, confirmed its support for controversial regicide Cromwell as the next Tory leader. Speaking to the Wallow today, Rees-Mogg said:

“It’s clear that Britain needs a new leader who is prepared to take on the Europeans, and not take any nonsense from Parliament. It would also be extremely helpful to have someone in charge who is prepared to be firm with the Irish, with the sword if necessary.  No one can doubt Oliver Cromwell’s steadfast resolve on all three issues.”

Some Tory strategists worry that the late Lord Protector, who has not sat as an MP since 1642, might be seen as out of touch by the modern electorate:

“I think the war crimes stuff is OK with our base – that was Ireland” said Lynton Crosby, who masterminded David Cameron’s 2015 election win.  “I’m more concerned about banning Christmas, and Harry and Meghan fleeing the country rather than being beheaded.”

The DUP, however, are delighted.