Ireland to vote next on banning country music

Campaigners target “Ireland’s last hidden shame”

Flushed with success after the referendum vote to remove the ban on abortion, Irish social campaigners are pushing to tackle “Ireland’s last hidden shame”: country music.

“For too many years we’ve put up with this shite”, said leading liberal reformer Stephen Daedalus.

“Ireland’s young people are forced to listen to embarrassing, overweight crooners whenever they visit their granny, and on every ‘keep ‘er country’ radio station once you leave Dublin. We want a total ban.”

Campaigners also pointed out advantages for people living in rural Ireland:

“it will cripple Donegal’s main export industry and force them to open some proper vegan restaurants instead.”

A bitterly divisive contest is expected, with many ordinary voters queasy at the prospect of terminating Nathan Carter’s career.

“I do like a bit of ‘Wagon Wheel'”, admitted student Molly Bloom, 23, from Bray.

“There should be an exception for weddings.”