The Royals: you won’t believe what’s coming in series 3

Palace confident it can stay ahead of Netflix in ratings war

Fans of re-booted costume drama ‘the British Royal Family’ are in for some big shocks in season 3, the producers warn.

The hugely popular fantasy series, funded by innovative forced taxation levies on the UK’s entire adult population, has successfully re-launched for a new generation of fans.

Long-running, divisive characters such as Phil the Racist and Underage Andy have been phased out.  Now a glamorous, prematurely-balding cast, and radical storylines such as the introduction of a mixed-race character have made ‘the Royals’ an unmissable guilty pleasure for millions.

But Palace Productions, the makers of the series, know they have to provide ever greater thrills to stay ahead of Netflix favourites such as Stranger Things and Peaky Blinders.

Executive Producer Lord Blackadder is quietly confident:

“Think we can’t top the season 2 wedding finale? Fans just won’t believe the drama which is about to unfold for a beautiful, much-loved Princess in ‘the Royals’.  We do have some form on this…”