Jacob Rees-Mogg explains Britain’s worst-ever decisions in ‘Brexit in history’ series

Episode 1: Edward I ends Free Movement of Jews in England by expelling them

Kids’ comic idea of a teacher Jacob Rees-Mogg is to put Britain’s worst-ever decisions in context in a new TV series, ‘Brexit in History’.

Self-appointed historian Rees-Mogg said:

“We really must understand that Brexit is not some sudden aberration. On the contrary, huge, gratuitous acts of aggression against foreigners, religious minorities, and our own selves – taking back control, if you will – have a long and noble history in Britain. Brexit is a celebration and continuation of that heritage.”

The first episode recounts Edward I’s expulsion of the Jews from England in 1290. Rees-Mogg explains why he chose it to kick off the series: “Ignoring European attempts to dictate to him, King Edward put in place his own rigorous emigration policy. It was a simple points-based system under which Jews scored no points and so a certain proportion of them – roughly 100% – were invited to return to Europe. By midnight.”

Future episodes will cover:

  • Trying to conquer France;
  • Having two hundred years of civil wars and religious genocide to show the Pope who’s boss;
  • England fans taking revenge on the French for Zidane’s late winner in the Euros by burning Croydon;
  • Iain Duncan Smith.

The BBC and Leave-supporting BritFlix subscription channel are locked in a bidding war for the new 242-part series.