Brexit worth it so the people can sack incompetent politicians, say unsackable incompetent politicians

Clueless faith-based Brexit Ministers “exactly what the People asked for” says Rees-Mogg

Britain’s leading Brexit Ministers have reminded the wavering public that the whole point of leaving the EU is so people can sack rule-makers who aren’t up to the job – except Brexit Ministers who are doing the People’s Will.

“Brexit will free the people of this great country from unsackable, incompetent rule-makers in Brussels who don’t understand ordinary people in Britain” said hard Brexit fan, owner of several Nannies and country house-dwelling fund manager Jacob Rees-Mogg – “and give their power to people like me.”


Rees-Mogg denied that it was a problem that Brexit Secretary David Davis thought that trade deals could be done in seconds. Or that he could negotiate directly with EU member states. Or that Trade Secretary Liam Fox denies the existence of gravity. “You really mustn’t bother us with these impertinent questions. We’re setting you free. To be ruled by us.”


David Davis: “it’s wonderful that he’s learning so many new things every day.”