Demand for Irish passports ‘to sanity’ outstrips new UK ‘Brexit Blues’

Brexiteers cheer ‘out of my way, Pedro’ campaign for new Brexit British passports

Brexit-supporting British MPs have criticised the Irish government’s new passport advertising campaign as the number of British applications for Irish passport surges.

The campaign targets British citizens who are eligible for an Irish passport with the slogan “Blue Christmas? apply for your passport to sanity.”

Meanwhile the UK Home Office campaign to sell the new ‘Brexit Blue’ British passport has run into controversy and widespread ridicule. The campaign ads show Michael Caine in a foreign passport queue, shouting ‘out of my way, Pedro!’ and barging to the front of the queue waving his blue British passport.  The heavily mustachioed customs guard (the waiter from 1980s hit comedy Duty Free) looks stern, but then says, in a comedy Spanish accent: “Brexit British passport? That will do nicely, senor.” Michael Caine then turns to camera and tells the audience: “Foreigners respect a proper British passport – the ways fings should be.” And winks.

Brexit-supporting MPs have encouraged the Home Office to just ignore all that laughing, they’re doing a great job.

“Do we have a problem, Pedro?”