I wish I’d been up against this kind of British negotiating team, says Michael Collins

“We’d still be living off the free Cadbury’s and craft ale” claims original Treaty front-man

Stars of the original UK team, Lloyd George and Churchill                                Their modern successors


The late Michael Collins, one of the key figures in the foundation of the modern Irish State, has tweeted from beyond the grave that he wishes he’d been up against the UK Brexit negotiators back in 1921.

“Of course you can only play whatevers in front of you”, said the legendary revolutionary and statesman. “But still, talk about a Group of Death. Lloyd George, Lord Birkenhead ‘the cleverest man in England’, Churchill on the bench ffs. And the British Empire behind them.”

“Whereas if we’d had this current team back then, the Border would be France, we’d be still living off the free Cadbury’s chocolate and real ale,  and the only housing crisis would be the Dubs who have to live in mansions in Hampstead instead of Chelsea.”