Brexit shortlisted for Man Booker prize

Judges praise ‘absurdist magical thinking’ of first purely fictional government policy


The government’s epic Brexit collected yet another accolade yesterday when the flagship magical fiction policy was shortlisted for the prestigious Man Booker prize.

Judges praised Brexit’s ‘complete lack of regard for any rules of plausibility or consistency’.  The panel said that the endless saga’s ‘audacious interweaving of mendacity and nonsense’ make it a modern genre-shifting masterpiece. Brexit is being made up on the spot in weekly instalments in the Daily Mail, by Ministers on Twitter, and in a series of comic mime ‘negotiations’ in Brussels.

Michel Barnier, chair of the judging panel said: ‘the judges were amazed at the impudent way the authors’ collective ‘the government’ deliberately make every leading character utterly unbelievable and morally repugnant, but yet have crafted a compelling page turner. The reader is revolted, but can’t take his eyes off Brexit for a second. Genius.’