Sinn Fein increases pressure on May by dressing up as Border guards and making a poster

‘Who needs seats at Westminster when we’ve made a new mural?’

Sinn Fein has ramped up the Brexit Border pressure on beleaguered Prime Minister Theresa May by dressing up as two customs officials and making a poster.

The hard-hitting, hour-long pantomime stunt came after the DUP used actual political influence to derail the UK’s deal with the EU to ensure no new border on the island of Ireland.

A Sinn Fein spokesman said: “this just shows that we will not be ignored. No British Minister is going to feel comfortable driving past our bitingly satirical ‘Stop! the hard border’ gable end mural in West Belfast, where they never come anyway.”

UK government representatives avoided the 23-person poster-holding up protest in Belfast and were unavailable for comment, possibly because they were in the middle of an actual political crisis driven by people whose Westminster votes could bring down their government.