Legendary Northern Irish rock’n’roll troublemakers The Unionists to reform

Band to re-release classic ‘Just Say No 2017’ in time for Christmas

Legendary Ulster rock and roll hellraisers The Unionists are to reform for a one-off tour, and aim to capture the Christmas No1 headlines with a re-release of their classic Just Say No, which spent 51 years at number one in Belfast between 1921 and 1972.

The band left a trail of havoc across Northern Ireland throughout their career spanning five decades, and caused endless headaches to the authorities in Britain with their guerrilla-style musical marches and endless playing of their iconic pre-punk classic God Save the Queen.

Drummer Sammy ‘the Rat’ Wilson, who only appears on stage naked said: “the establishment in London aren’t going to like it….we’re the original bad boys.”


below, the original band members in 1985

The band last played together at their famous open air concert outside Belfast City Hall in 1985, when 100,000 ecstatic fans joined an all-day sectarian singalong. Although iconic front man Ian ‘the Doc’ Paisley has since passed away, local punk club singer Arlene will provide grim-faced continuity as the bands surviving stars gather to play their old classics.

Madcap bass guitarist and twitter racist sensation Screaming Lord Kilclooney tweeted: “Indians, leprecauns, traitors better watch out: only one refrain gonna be #1 this Christmas – you ‘No’ it!!!.”