Brexiteers defend temporary Free Movement equals Nazi conquest of Europe claims

Campaigners defiant on ‘German army 1940: is that what you want?’ poster

‘Clean’ Brexit campaigning group Dream, Britain today defended its nationwide poster campaign which equates the temporary Free Movement of EU citizens under a transitional deal with the irresistible Nazi advance through Europe in 1939-42.

Dismissing accusations of manipulating voters’ fears, Dream, Britain spokesman Delaunay Crutch said:

“All’s fair in love and war. We’re warning The People; soft Brexiteers would cheer the hated EU Army through the park ‘n’ ride at Dover before you can say ‘Heil Juncker’.”

Dream, Britain volunteers dressed as German Stormtroopers handed out leaflets door to door in London to underline their luridly ahistorical fears.

“This is basically what a soft Brexit transitional deal with ECJ oversight means, Remoaners”, said activist Devon Miles, who brought his own 9th Panzer Division field uniform for the clumsily offensive stunt.

The Home Office confirmed that: “an independent UK migration policy will guard us against foreign dangers, including phantom armies out of history of whatever nationality.”